Why some of the kids aren’t ‘gettin’ the #stoneroses

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Dec 22nd, 2015

Born in a pre-internet age has been helpful to us as we’ve been able to grow with it.

As regular bloggers and posters on twitter, we have noticed one thing when it comes to the Roses, some of the kids just aren’t getting’ it.  We’ve seen it a few times.  And we think we know why.

If we came to the Roses today, for the first time, we think we may also have the same problem, unlike when we did 20 years ago?  So what is it?

The problem is, they sound ‘tinny’ on the iPod.

We’ve noticed this ourselves and thought if we came to Roses in this age we may also miss them on the radar too.  And it’s not just the Roses.

Why is this?

It’s down to the simple fact the mp3 quality is roughly around 75% the sound quality of CD quality.  Now, that’s a lot of sound and sound quality to lose.  We find that the gorgeous harmonies by Reni and those fantastic deep drums and bass just dines’t have the same depth or heights in electronic format than CD.  We also find that different electronic versions of the same songs on different Roses albums vary too.

The problem goes even further depending on what EQ settings you have on your portable device too as this can make the problem far worse.

Neil Young has noticed it too and it’s wound him up so much that he went to the lengths of launching his own music player to try and solve the problem,  We think he may have also spoken with Steve Jobs about the matter too.  http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/9/5488484/neil-youngs-high-fidelity-ipod-competitor-will-cost-399

So what do you do if you have a friend who can’t get into the Roses.  Easy: try suggesting they listen to the CD version, if they have a CD player that is.

For sometime, we have been campaigning on this point via our sister site: www.AppleNewsBlog.com and we are pleased to see that although it’s several years overdue some hope maybe on the horizon.

By way of side note, you should remember that CD quality is around 16 bit, but studio quality is around 24 bit.  This is why, we believe, we some bands go into the studio their albums can become delayed, because for the first time, they can listen to all their favourite artists songs in true 24 but stereo sound how the original artist intended for them to be heard.

MacRuours confirmed a couple of days ago that again Apple is looking into Hi-Res Audio: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/12/20/apple-high-resolution-audio/

This means that we might be able to hear the Roses ‘new stuffs’ in 24bit studio sound quality sound.  We do hope that as this technology progresses that their back albums become available in the same format too.