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Sep 21st, 2017
we thought we’d add a few observations:
Listening to the soundtrack in Japan when Ian had his shoulder injury, Reni gives Ian helpful words of advice at the end of Don’t Stop.  Ian’s commenting that he’s finding it hard to stand and that he’s not scared to pull the gig as he doesn’t want to give half a show.  Reni then talks to ian and about his breathing telling ian not to worry about it and to go easy tonight and some other comments about how to heal it.  So it appears at that stage that there was no ’band ending’ issue between the two.
During the soundcheck we are also treated to a new instrumental jam they do showing reni and mani seem to be able to just bang ‘em out.  We know they had around a further 3 new songs mid 2016.  There’s the blue prints for a 4th newie jam right there.  There’s even a 5th potential newie with reni’s vocals from this rub song: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1807590452888806&id=1786793808301804 although the guitar, possibly lyrics and song would need re-working. But we think it would sound great with both ian and reni on it.
Following the Amsterdam gig, the Roses were keen to show unity by holding raised hands after each gig.  If you look at their homepage, you’re greeted with a pic of them in this pose: http://www.thestoneroses.org
However, it appears by the time Belfast comes the pose has gone and only certain band members hug at the end:
It’s the same at Wembley:
And Leeds:
And at their last gig.  You’d think if there wasn’t an issue they’d do it for the last gig.
If you watch the last gig, during Reni’s solo spot it’s as if Ian is overplaying him during his solo part.  Maybe we’re reading too much into this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaOZlN-HXJ8
But at the end of the gig, Ian sings the chorus to Beautiful Thing a cappella almost as if to say he’d been wanting to sing it for some time or to emphasis the goodbye point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ_bPi4V69E
Having said that, the lyrics to Beautiful Thing seem to show that the writing may have been on the wall with lyrics like:
‘Now I know that you’re thinking, that i’m running out of time
Sister, must a missed you, i don’t wanna steal your shine
There’s method to my madness, yeah, there’s reason to my rhyme
It’s a beautiful thing that i say bye bye
hear me, it’s a beautiful thing so i stay so high’
Speaking of which, this song appears to be based upon a drum loop and query whether this is the reason it was never played live (hard to think of others).  After waiting 20 years to ‘bang the drums’ and now given the opportunity to  record all that energy and ability reni’s shown at the gigs, it’s odd that this really comes across as a loop and that his backing vocals are not more prominent in the songs.  I know Leckie (the 5th Rose) commented that he use to merge the two vocals (ian and reni) on some of the songs in the debut album as he felt this presented the best sound.  Listen to the quality of the drums from the Bukokan soundtrack and then listen to them on beautiful thing – they are world’s apart.  Same when you compare any of the early stuff to the two newies.
If you look at the resurrection press conference from 6 years ago both Reni and Ian are the most vocal; both natural leaders of the band.  Maybe this is where the conflict lies?
At the end of the final gig, Ian says to the crowd: ‘don’t be sad it’s over; be happy that it happened’ borrowing heavily from Dr Seuss.    A fan who was spotted with John Squire after the gig confirmed on twitter that John had also said it was over ‘for now’.
And that’s the thing with the Roses, like a firework when they are on fire it’s spectacular to watch and then they always seem to come to an abrupt end.  Ian returning to his solo career has always been on the cards.  I maybe wrong, but i think he had one album left on his previous contract when he got his old band back together again.  We just hope the time out for any solo stuff will allow all parties to reflect on what a beautiful thing they had.  They were sailing so high after all the gigs they’ve done and had proven they’ve still got it.    If they could just do another album (even if they have to go into the studio separately to record it) it wouldn’t seem to be such a tragic missed opportunity and would be more of a fitting end which they deserve.