the #StoneRoses – Japan Gig

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Apr 22nd, 2017

Some of our fave clips from Japan, Budokan.

john’s wah; reni’s drums; ian’s vocals – class:

Check out Ian’s opening vocals!  Ian and Reni so need to do some ‘newies’ with combined vocals like this.

love the bass riff at the start… doesn’t sounds as sharp with the Les though.  John is missing those Supertrons.  But reni on fire as the beat master.

what a classic!  Still as fresh today:

Ian sounding crystal (SugarSpunSister).  Mani and Reni sounds great during the verses.  How good is that R&B section.


Just how good is Reni here.  Any new album should start with this mofo drum intro!!!  Best IATR intro yet!

Another great intro from Reni!!!  Get this down as a new beat…


Squire, really shouldn’t be using the ‘black beauty’ on this classic:

a bit of second coming:

intro with gold top:

tito – ian coming through loud and clear:

More s/c, glad reni makes it a bit more funky.  Query if they should drop this one:

seahorses guitar, but great vocals from ian.  shame reni doesn’t sing on this, maybe he didn’t like the lyrics?  seems a bit empty in parts:

more old songs instead of new ones.  again, it’s a really funky set until love spreads and this comes on.  Would prefer hardest thing in the world or sun still shines

wah turned up…

here’s that amazing intro again by the beatmeaster:

dedicated to authority – everywhere.  Bye Bye Badman.  Sounds better with a strat rather than Les…