Stone Roses Video – Fuji Rock Gig #stoneroses #thestoneroses

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Aug 14th, 2018

We just had to write a review of this gig.  The gig from 2012 has surfaced on YouTube this week.

It’s great to see such clips as at their live gigs it’s hard to appreciate just how good Ian and Reni compliment each other vocally.
Highlights of the gig include:
The Roses jam out a coda at the end, which could have easily found it’s way onto that elusive third album in some form.
Ten Storey Love Song
After Reni had left the band following The Second Coming, his stand-in would sing: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ during a certain part which many found cringe worthy.  Here, we have Reni shout: hey, hey, hey~~~ and in a perverse way because it’s him, it works.
Where Angles Play
Never been a huge fan of this song.  Always preferred the live version played at the International where Ian and Reni sang: Angels, Angels, Angels and reference was made to Heart Shaped Tambourines.  Even though John’s Les Paul gives the song an unwelcome Country sound (especially when the strings are bent) it’s one of the best versions for a John Squire solo.  Not rushed, clear notes and melodic.
Fools Gold
Again, Reni, singing down, down, down, down down down in the background.  I suspect it’s the fact that usually at live gigs or on the record he’s reduced to the background with all the other music going on, that makes hearing these treasures so fresh.  John’s gutaring around 35 mins in, makes for a funky jamming track and again could be transferred into a newie.
Shoot You Down.
Reni’s fills before the song.  Again, Reni’s backing vocals.  A pleasure to hear clearly and missing from their two new singles.
Something’s Burning
This should be dropped from the set and really sucks with the Les Paul sound.  It’s great to hear the actual lyrics too: ‘Penny for your thoughts behind the disguise’.  Again, John imposes a new end solo, making it more a Bluesy no.  Thankfully Mani saves the day with the simplyefunky base line.
The video is great here.  It’s like the Empress Ballroom gig; in green. psychedelic and makes them look 20 years old again.
Don’t Stop
The vocal doubler on Ian’s vocals at around 56:25 & 56:50 with Reni as well really make this more trippy than it already is.  They should do that on a remaster of the song.  Again at 57:08.  It brings a tear to the eye as they still have that ’89 sound here.  Recreated and fresh.  A tragic missed opportunity to create that third trippy album.  Nice fade touch by John at 57:53 too.  Just listen to: 58:10 – there’s a nice lil riff there too.

Love Spreads

Lovely to hear Reni at 1:02:53, even John looks him.  It then goes into a weird funky Country mix and an added rap by Ian which you’d probably expect more on his solo stuff and which was subsequently dropped.

Made of Stone
How good and clear are Ian’s vocals here in the opening verse.  Again, another non-album interim solo from John.
This is The One
Not sure what the effect is at 1:10:15 that John or the engineer applies but it adds a great rainbow effect.  Reni is just on fire with the drums here towards the end.
She Bangs the Drums
Thought it would be Resurrection next, but no, let’s slip in SBTDs.  Again, such a delight to hear Reni’s vocals during the versus.  Check him out on the chorus too!
Reni’s intro could just be transported into the opening to The Third Coming, he’s vocals are on FIRE during the verses.  How does he drum and sing so well at the same time?!  Makes you remember that during the Second Coming era, No Reni = No Roses.  Following him being kicked out the band quickly imploded.  How history seems to repeat itself. The vide effects from around 1:24:00 in just sums up the sound in true liquid mirror psych-acid fashion only for 2 Bruce Lees to appear.  John’s playing at 1:27:30 is so zoned out, peaceful and could equally form the start of a newie for that album that never was… …And that was the Resurrection.