New #StoneRoses Song – ‘Sunshine’ Demo #retweet – Newie

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Apr 1st, 2017

these are the lyrics we can make out so far; we can’t wait to hear them play it:


The wind blows, through the air

Sunflower daffodils and dandelion hair

And the days come, out of the land

like the rains, that fall on the sand


You see the seas reflect the stars

a spider’s web in the vineyard

And the stream sings merrily

the river says: “we are the sea”


Misty mountains where spirits fly

will see the sun and ask how high

As the night kisses the day

Summers shall come in the month of May



And the sun shines more and more

The sun shines through time and all





Yellow stars shall stand on the mountain

As the lamb drinks from the fountain

Despite the heights, of the hills

We will walk with the animals


There are many doves of peace

You praise the fruit but cut down the tree

The sun will shine through peace and war

The sun will shine though time and all



And the sun shines on a rainy day

The sun shines happy april fools day




Several mornings shine a light

Two of the suns are burning bright

Waters will run to the tides

if only I could describe the skies


sorry, we couldn’t resist; have a great april fools day/weekend.  Looking forward to hearing some newies soon.