The Hardest Stone Roses Quiz In The World

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Feb 6th, 2018

So, you think you’re a Stone Roses fan do you? 

Then pit your Roses knowledge against our Stone Roses mastermind quiz, put together by some fans for the fans.

Let’s begin, The Hardest Stone Roses Quiz In The World

Question 1:

Which song does the I am the Resurrection main riff take its inspiration from?

Question 2:

Which song did the Roses used to cover and play live?

Question 3:

Which song was abandoned from the debut album but had been in the recording sessions?

Question 4:

Who published a book in 1958 called The Stone Roses?

Question 5:

What caused the power cut when the roses played Made of Stone on the BBC?

Question 6:

In the early summer of 1989 what song (not on ‘The Stone Roses’ album) was advertised as the new Roses single for July release but soon abandoned in favour of She Bangs The Drums which would become the Roses first UK Top 40 single?

Question 7: At which fast food chain did pre-fame Ian Brown and Shaun Ryder used to meet?

Question 8: What did trained artist John Squire make out of snow when recording with the Roses?

Question 9: Which band that Mani featured in relates to an item of clothing Peter Jones is famous for?

Question 10: Who filmed the audience footage at Glasgow Green in 1990 which subsequently appeared in the Made of Stone Film?

Question 11: Which place is the cover of the debut Stone Roses album inspired by?

Question 12:  Another easy one, what was the original title of: ‘I wanna be Adored’?

Question 13: What was the first song played live by John and Ian when they reformed?

Question 14: What was different about John Squire’s 1964 Country Gent guitar when compared with other Country Gents?

Question 15: you know the answer to this one.  Where was elephant stone recorded?

Question 16: What did the Stone Roses park the recording studio lorry outside of during the second coming sessions?

Question 17: Another easy one, Roughly, how many people unofficially attended Spike Island?

Question 18: We’re spoiling you with the easy one’s now, what had Ian injured before the gig in Japan (Budokan)?

Question 19: As you’re on a roll, in the sound check to the Japan (again Budokan) gig, the roses sound checked: a new jam; black roses and which other rarity?

Question 20: Who does Ian Brown borrow a quote from at the last ever Stone Roses gig, when he says: ‘don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened’.

Question 21: Sticking with the easy one’s, what is the alternative/original lyric verse on How Do You Sleep?

Question 22: as you do well on the lyric questions, what is the alternative/original lyric verse on Shoot You Down?

Question 23: really easy, what do the angles play?  We’ll even give you a clue: Heart-shaped…?

Question 24: something more contemporary now, which song intro by The Monkees does the intro of All For One sound like?

Question 25: continuing with the newies, which John Lennon song does the vocal melody of Beautiful Thing sound like?

Question 26: What’s the name given to the water running sound just before breaking into heaven?

Question 27: ok, ok, that was a tough one.  Here’s one for the die hards: What was the name of Reni’s first band?

Question 28: and you were doing so well.  O.K. easy one, what street did John Squire and Ian Brown grow up on?

Question 29: what do you mean, you’re getting bored now?  O.K. back to the song lyrics, what’s the alternative original chorus on Good Times?

Question 30: what gift did John Squire usually buy Ian Brown at Christmas.

Question 31: some quick points here, how long was Ian sentenced to prison?

Question 32: Who did Paul Weller dedicate That’s Entertainment too at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2013?

Question 33: pith easy this one, which Twitter icon most looks like Reni?

Question 34: as this one’s so pith easy, it’s in two parts for 1 point, which 80’s pop star did Ian hit it off with during the recording of the debut album; and which muso appears briefly in the Love Spreads home vid?

Final Q, Q35: as you’ve no doubt blazed through the above questions, another easy peasy one to end with, which Roses gig marked the end of one iconic band and the re-emergence of another?

Here it Comes – The Answers:

Answer 1: If you answered Tax Man; go and stand in the corner.

If you answered, with the father of Jeff Buckley, Tim with Buzzin’ Fly, then not only have you got great taste, but you get 1 point (thanks to John Smith for this find):

Answer 2:

We know they covered ‘Blockbuster’ by Sweet in The Patrol, but the answer we were looking for is: Nazz and Open My Eyes:


Answer 3: Where Angles Play

Answer 4:

Answer 5: the Roses turning up the volume just before they played live causing the circuit breakers to trip (not that sort of trip.

Answer 6: A big thanks to Simon Spence (author of The Stone Roses: War and Peace) for this Q.

Answer 7: Thanks to Stephen Morrin for this one.  The Golden Arches in Fallowfield.

Answer 8: Thanks to Stephen Morrin for this one.  A giant Johnson.

Answer 9: Thanks to Matt Mead for this one: The Hungry Socks.

Answer 10: Thanks to Matt Mead for this one: Steve Adge.

Answer 11: Thanks to Stephen Morrin for this one: The Giants Causeway.

Answer 12: Adored.

Answer 13: Elizabeth My Dear.

Answer 14: it contained Supertron pick-ups as opposed to Filtertron pickups.

Answer 15: in Peter Hook’s own studio.

Answer 16: A B&B.

Answer 17: Circa 40,000.

Answer 18: his shoulder.

Answer 19: Daybreak.

Answer 20: Dr. Seuss, although the Dr. Seuss quote is: Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.

Answer 21: ‘is there life after death, is there anything left worth living for?’

Answer 22: ‘and the time has come to kick you down, to the ground’

Answer 23: Tambourines.

Answer 24: Forget Squid Lord:

Answer 25: Sunday Bloody Sunday:

Answer 26: Eden

Answer 27: Thanks again to Matt Mead for this one: Backhander

Answer 28: Thanks to Jet Wintzer for reminding us of this one: Slyvan Avenue.  We tried to throw you off by saying ‘street’.

Answer 29: ‘let it roll down fast like thunder, our love should know no end & I can’t break this spell I am under, you’re my one and only friend.  you got it all, but now i want it back again; we gotta try and make amends.  Take me back to your bed and the good times, i know we can never end.’

Answer 30: a box of maltsters.

Answer 31: Cheers Barnet Bri, 4 months

Answer 32: Thanks Matt Mead: Mani.  It’s always Mani, right?

Answer 33: Respect to Stephen Morrin for coming up with this one: the notification icon (the one between the magnifying glass and the envelope).

Answer 34: Again, one from Stephen Morrin: Sam ‘spacebar’ Fox and Beck.

Answer 35: Wembley, December 1995.  This was the last second coming gig with Johnny Squire and the first ‘Manics’ gig without Richie Edwards.

How did you get on?

35 out of 35? – Are you Ian Brown?

30-35 correct? Are you Reni, John or Mani?

15-29 correct?  Mega Roses fan!

1-14 correct?  What do you mean Wonderwall is your fave Roses song?