Great 26 page article by Q magazine… (out now)

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Dec 30th, 2015

Q Magazine


The February edition of Q Magazine is out, the Roses are on the front and it’s nearly 2016…


Here are some interesting snippets from the Roses article, well worth a read for any Roses fan. It’s a massive 26 page article and has a lot on all 4 Roses.


On Brown


“Unusually for a budding young punk musician, Brown shunned alcohol (he’d later claim he drank his last pint aged 17).”


“It sound corny, but there’s a lot of love there”


“Leckie was struck by Brown’s radioactive positivity. “Ian’s a good vibes person, so he’s great to have in the studio. He never showed boredom. He had a skipping rope so he’d sometimes start skipping in the corner.”


“Ian lets things take their pace, but that was the disaster of the second album because her was waiting on John the whole time. He gave John too much space, so nothing happened. I did 120 days on it and they still carried on for another year after I left”.


“Ever since the Roses he’s managed himself”.


“I know that in the gap since the last gigs [2013] he’s been very frustrated at not being in the studio and not playing because he really loves it. He didn’t want it to stop. The last time I spoke to him he was telling me they’d just gotten back together again for the gigs this summer and he sounded really happy.”


On Reni


“Reni had really gone home. Insiders said Brown would now only communicate with Reni via Squire. Reni was said to be upset over the unspoken favoritism of the band’s new management who he felt saw Brown and Squire as kingpins of the reunion.”


1996 – Brown asks Reni to drum with him again on solo work. Mani tries to get him to join primal scream. He declines both.


“Reni was always in your ear, asking to sing, saying he could do it better”.


“I thought, oh, this band is all about the drummer,”. “Reni would be taking off, singing and playing, and all the lights would be flashing on him. He was all energy and showing off”.


One of the keys to the sound Leckie achieved on the band’s debut album was the blending of Brown and Reni’s voices to create something that could be never be exactly replicated live. Much trickery went into this process. “The vocals are well mixed. But it wasn’t intentional to obfuscate who was singing what: it was just getting the best mix.” But, like [Hook] before him, Leckie noted of Reni: “Once he got on to harmonies, he’d saturate it, so you had to hold him back.”


Reni also revealed how David Bowie had once offered to produce the Roses around 1990 and how Paul McCartwheel had wante to get to know the Roses in the same period…


At first Second Coming session is March 192 he played drums for 40 minutes, “it was out of this world,” Brown said. “I remember John Leckie turning around and saying, ‘Can’t this be the album?”


He even bought Brown an acoustic guitar and Bob Marley songbook, so the singer could be more self-reliant.

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