The Stone Roses – Two years on since the break-up and their last gig. #stoneroses #thestoneroses

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Sep 20th, 2019

Tensions: That Last Gig:

Let’s take a step back and a quick re-cap of their last gig.

The First Split…

We know about the riff between Ian and Reni from the film Made of Stone which is why they split up the first time; and again it appeared during the Amsterdam gig; and we understand again with the song: ‘Beautiful Thing’ where this appears to be based upon a drum loop and we have heard rumours that Reni didn’t want to play the song live.   

Ian makes a strong statement at the last gig where he overplays Reni’s drum solo before I am The Resurrection and then walks off stage without acknowledging Reni.  About 3 mins 50 secs in:  At the end of the gig, Ian ensures he sings the chorus of Beautiful Thing acapella which Reni apparently didn’t want to play live. 

Again, as if to prove a point to the beat master.  These three items suggest that it may be Ian and Reni that have fallen out again.  Ian then relays to the crowd the Dr Seuss adage: ‘Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.’

Post Dissolution Analysis

Is Ian trying to tell us something in his first comeback solo video:

Is ‘first world problems’ a reference to the Roses?  The lyrics would suggest so.

The video starts with Ian dressed like John Squire (think John around the Love is the Law era and video) with a military jacket on going backwards, to then change going forwards into a more ‘solo’esque outfit cycling past graffiti images of busy bees.  Ian again is on his bike.  Is this a reference to leaving the Roses?

He goes onto take a Squire guitar stance at 2 mins 37 in ( ) and ends up throwing a pink strat at the end into the river (that’s how the video ends).  Shouldn’t he be throwing the drums in instead?  Is this a further reference to the Roses never playing together again? If you watch the Blackpool gig, you’ll see that John used to play a pink strat.  You’ll note there’s 3 other guitars used in the video, but it’s the ‘pinko’ that ends up drowning down by the riverside.  

Ian produced Ripples; wrote the tracks; directed the video and produced the artwork.  It’s like it’s his way of saying I can play guitar, bass and drums and do all the other bits too.

It’s interesting to note that in the Stone Roses soundchecks that Ian was already singing ‘Black Roses’ and this suggests he may already have been thinking about this for his inclusion in his solo material even though still with the Roses at the time.

How long should an album take?

Well, if you look at Guns n Roses (listen-up sweet child of mine), they reformed in 2016 and are maybe writing a new song for the Terminator 3 movie, but no new album will be out this year.  So in a sense, the Roses have been slower in that they released All For One in May 2016 having reformed October 2011 and didn’t get around to fulfilling that elusive third album even though they did have a further three song demos in addition to the two singles which were released.  Breath and Breath Easy which is on Ian’s album Ripples would have been an excellent choice for the Roses 3rd album, as would some of Reni’s songs.

How could it be done post-split?

In theory, John could be working in the background still on riffs and song templates and so could Ian.  If there have been ‘falling outs’ there’d be nothing to stop them going in separately to a studio to complete that third album, but it’s very remote as it takes the romance of it away.  Only when they’ve been truly together has material appeared.  

There’s always Glasto ’50 for a one off too, but again wounds appear to be still sore, and it would be a lot of effort just for one gig.  

What’s next?

Well we always knew Ian had one last album to put out pursuant to his existing contract and he fulfilled his obligations with this when he released ‘Ripples’.  We understand from the horses mouth that he’s then been working on another new album.  We suspect he won’t be doing it all himself this time though. Query if Ian will play Glasto ‘50 though given he’s working on a further solo album.

John’s art website has been revamped and includes not only the ‘Disinformation’ works ( ), but works titled: ‘Guitar Paintings’ which we had not seen previously: with all the guitars looking like Johns. 

The End?

Although the Roses closed their ‘touring company’ not long after their final gig which was another confirmation of the end, they’ve not closed: although the ’Merch’ section appears to be down.  

There’s an interesting snippet in this week’s interview with John Squire which can be found here: where John confirms he’s still playing guitar and writing and recording songs:

but he hasn’t given the music up. He takes breaks from the work in the studio at his farm in Cheshire and picks up his guitar, writes songs, records songs. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do with it; only his wife has heard them.’  

Although when asked directly about the Roses: Is that really it for the Roses? “Yeah,” is the official reply.  This is in contrast to the previous reply given when asked the same question straight after their last gig.  When a Roses fan bumped into John on the motorway back up from the last gig, John gave the response: ‘for now’ to a fan.  

The beauty of the Roses is that you never know with them.  Once Ian finishes his next album and if John has enough decent material then there may be a glimpse of the light…