#StoneRoses “I know that they’ve been in the studio and everything” #thestoneroses

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Feb 26th, 2016

Have you heard from the Stone Roses how they’re prepping?
“Not directly, no, but I know they’ve been in the studio and everything, I think they keep things quite close to their chest, but it’s all exciting.”

How did you book them?
“They’ve always been strong in Scotland, they’ve headlined here once before and we had them play Glasgow Green which sold out in 30 minutes for 50,000 tickets, so when I heard that they were gonna do a handful of dates this year, and that they were gonna do shows at Man City and they’d consider doing a Scottish show, immediately I’m like, ‘we definitely want them’. They were the first band we announced.

“It’s great to have them as the first name on the team sheet really. They were one of the first bands I booked as a concert promoter, I put them on at Middlesex Poly in London and they were fantastic at that gig, there were about 150 people there and Bob Stanley came along to review it and said, ‘This band are the future of the music industry in Britain’ – or words to that effect – and then the band exploded just after that. The rest is history. I just love them.”

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