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Apr 18th, 2017

Having not posted for awhile, we thought it was time given that the Roses head into Japan for another gig this week.

This week – Japan

Apparently, Ian has already landed there and as he heads in, apparently, another Ian heads out:

In three days time, the Roses rock Japan:

Don’t expect any newies, as this is largely seen as the replacement gig for last year.


This time last year (easter – end of march) the roses headed into the recording studio to lay down two tracks roughly within the time-span of a week.

Although, we know as of late last year they have at least a further 3 songs (query if they now have more), they’ve not been spotted heading into a studio to lay them down.  With the gig in Japan this week followed by London in June, there’s very little time for them now to nail 3 songs in the studio, have them mixed and released.  Not saying it can’t be done, but it could put further pressure on the band.  Unless, of course, they’ve already laid them down.  Although last year, their equipment was spotted within in seconds inbetween the quick move from truck to studio.


With at least a further three tunes in the bag, you’ve gotta ask, would they be singles or an E.P.

This is an interesting question, as last year, when they were staying at a hotel in Kings Cross, one fan caught up with them in a bar and was apparently told by a member of the band that they were recording an E.P.

So, the possibilities are: (1) the fan misheard.  We asked the fan again and he’s pretty certain, he said E.P; (2) they ran out of time in the studio (unlikely) to do 5 given the rehearsals need for the gigs just around the corner; (3) they thought the other three songs weren’t strong enough.  Very possible, given you’re likely to release the strongest two first; (4) they heard the first two and thought strong enough just to be singles; (5) something else.  What we can’t work out is why after the gigs last year, they wouldn’t just go in a studio and get these three songs down so no further time pressures and the mixer and engineer can take their time to mix etc.  Could it be they want to reduce the possibility of any possible leak of the tunes prior to release?

When will we hear newbies?

Again, there’s the same theme here as mentioned above.  Another fan had apparently been told by a member of the band that the single Beautiful Thing would drop at the ethiad gig.  i.e. they’d play it there first and then immediately release it straight after.  Quite a novel and original approach.  However, this didn’t happen.  Like above, the band are flexible and dynamic and may have changed their minds.  The question is why?  And further why are we highlighting this now.  Ok, firstly, it’s been speculated that the change was because in respect of the last night of the ethiad they need to sell more tickets, so releasing the single may assist with that.  Secondly, why are we highlighting this now?  Well, if this was going to be the approach last year, then they may do it this year, especially, if there’s not enough time to head to the studio before the london gigs.

So we’ll have to say bye bye?

A few fans have said this year that they’ve heard that the Roses are calling it a day after theses gigs.  We’d be very sad if this is the case, but having said that it’s understandable if there’s only going to be two songs released over a 6 year period.

If they do these gigs without any newies they may be criticised.  If it’s their swan song and they’re calling it a day then it may be a different story as it’s the last time you’ll hear those classics live and there’s been no damage to their legacy.

But following on from above, if the 3 remaining songs they have aren’t strong enough for singles in their own right, could it be that maybe to give the fans something special they’d play a newie each at Belfast, London and Leeds; maybe even all 3 at Glasgow? Purely suggestive, but that would be something special for the fans and the songs wouldn’t be spoiled by any pro-tools or engineer production; you’d hear them as they were created.  This is a real long shot, but we thought we’d ‘flag it’.

Alternatively, they could head into the studio after these gigs, but you’d have to ask why after the gigs and not before.  Also, if they did that you usually then tour with new songs and there’s not much left for them to do after these big gigs.  Glasto, no as there is no Glasto next year.  It would really be a case of the U.S. circuit followed by Glasto 2019, but given what they’ve done in the last 6 years, i can’t see this approach being taken.  Perhaps everyone will take some time off and Ian may revisit some of his solo stuff whilst the rest the band put some jams together.  God only knows… 😉  We hope they continue rolling on.  They don’t need the money and seem to do it for the love and enjoyment they get out of it.  And they were sounding amazing (better than ever) at the indoor gigs in new york and sydney.