The Stone Roses take New York by storm; full gig here:

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Jul 1st, 2016

Over 25 years in the making!  It’s like Blackpool all over again!  All four of them are on fire here.  Ian and the band all sound great.  Following on from the outdoor gigs at the Ethiad (which were some of the best gigs they’ve ever done), they’ve gone a musical stage further by capturing the same sound but inside at madison square garden (MSG), NYC.  Although back in the day, they were scheduled to gig at MSG, they really read too much into rock n roll by wanting to play more punker songs there.  Knowing that America had yet to have Punk/Grunge scene it seemed like a logical step to perhaps try the garage flower stuff before them taking america onto their baggy and poppy stuff, but it wasn’t to be.  Here at last nights MSG gig, we get a glimpse of what could have been.

Ian’s vocals and crisp and combined with Reni’s with the added reverb, it sounds pretty amazing!

We also note the film crews there.  We suspect this is likely to be for a DVD at some point, rather than for US news material or for a video to accompany any third single.  On the other hand, it could be for all three.



Sally Cinnamon:


Elephant Stone:

Mersey Paradise:

She Bangs the Drums:

Sugar Spun Sister:

Waterfall & Don’t Stop:

Bye Bye Badman (love the ending):

Shoot You Down:

Elizabeth My Dear and Fools Gold:

All For 1:

Begging You:

Love Spreads:

Breaking into Heaven (sounding funky):

Made of Stone:

This is the One:

Reni’s drumming before the start:


I am the Resurrection: