The Stone Roses – Sub Rosa

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Jun 6th, 2016

Our friend Jet has come up with this interesting and thought-provoking read:

Have The Stone Roses Encrypted New Album Release In ALL FOR ONE Promotions?

We’ve joined in the fun and thought of another interpretation of the artwork, which could read:

the word One = 1

followed by six letter 1’s = 6

Put them together: 16

the six 1’s could also represent the month of June. = 16.6

we note the previous lemon posters showed 16 lemons representing 2016.

Could this be when the second ‘newie’ drops?  Who knows? It is a Thursday after all…

OR the 1 7 referred to in Jet’s blog could mean 17 June (Fri); what would be perfect timing to drop the second single.

…In the meantime, 1Love.