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Jun 6th, 2016

the days are becoming shorter before Stone Roses week and their gigs at the Ethiad…

…we know they have another single to drop.  The question is when…

Now this second single was recorded before All For One (one in the bag if you like).

The question is therefore why release All For One first.  Could it be that All For One was the more commercial of the two.  Or that it is the better song of the two?

As soon as the word ‘newies’ were mentioned at the stone roses press conference rumour has spread as to when we might here them.

Having all watched Made of Stone, it’s plain to see that at least one of the newies was planned for the 2012 Heaton Park gigs.  Presumably, this was then ditched as you never release new songs for the first time at a gig.  Firstly, there’s a deafly silence (not a great vibe) and it’s hard to hear the words.  We all remember those Seahorses gigs before the album dropped.  Sounded great, but would have been better if the album dropped first.

But that’s the thing, the Roses have form for this.  John did it with the seahorses.  Ian and Mani did it with High Times and Ice Cold Cube at Reading ’96 (but the less said about THAT gig the better).

But are the Roses about to take up the same challenge yet again.  It would be something special for those at the Ethiad gigs if they got to hear a newie before anyone else or hear it live the day it drops (Think 16/17 June).  If a song is groove based (jam based) it’s going to sound much better live than your standard pop song (think fools gold/Resurrection jam) and it might just work for them.  Here’s a different idea, what if the newie was sang live at the gigs and released at the same time.  Now that would be different.

Hopefully, it won’t end like: Your Time Will Come with: ‘you didn’t like that one did ya?’: