The Stone Roses – Goodbye?

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Jun 18th, 2016

We have to ask: ‘are the stone roses saying goodbye?’

We’ve been listening to their new song Beautiful Thing, which has the lyrics:

“It’s a beautiful thing that I say bye bye
Hear me, It’s a beautiful thing so I stay so high”

It seems to us, that they may be saying goodbye with these lyrics.  Are they saying what the Roses has was a beautiful thing and rather than keep trying to create the magic of yesteryear by releasing mediocre songs instead they will be calling it a day and saying good bye.

The second lyric seems to suggest this too: with the words: ‘it’s a beautiful thing so i stay so high’. i.e much better to leave on a high note.

Combined with these factors below:

  1. just a handful of gigs (mainly hometown gigs);
  2. lack of a new album (for the last 4 years since the re-union);
  3. lack of new material (only 2 newies – that were recorded quickly and which they said they had when they reformed);
  4. no other new songs played at the recent gigs (you think if they had a third song, even if unrecorded they may play it);
  5. they haven’t played beautiful thing (live yet), but opt to walk off stage with it playing in the background when they say goodbye at the gigs;
  6. no interviews by the band;
  7. no vids by the band.

The problem they have is that it’s really hard to do future tours each year without new material which suggests after this 2016 tour, there will be a period of time out for the band.

We hope that during this time, the stone roses take some time to focus on new stuffs following their recent coming together, but we suspect as ian still has a contractual commitment to do solo stuff that this might be the time that he takes a year out to do that.  We can only hope that the other three continue to work on new stuffs in any absence and that then they all get back together to rehearse and record new material with any possible future gigs in a year or two.

We hope they carry on and go on to release more singles with more gigs  in due course.