the stone roses – Beautiful Thing – Second Single

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Jun 8th, 2016

for the last month, we’ve been talking about the stone roses second song… …and this week there’s been some more movement.



Firstly, Mani hinted to a fan  that the new song would drop next week live, which is exactly what we thought may happen for some time.

Secondly, GordonSmart (tweeting 15 lemons) said earlier today that ‘new stuff’ is coming THIS week!  And the newie is better than A11 For One.


Thirdly, a fan had also said that Reni had said last night that there is more music and it sounds ‘beautiful’.

A search on PPL Repertoire Search website today shows a new track called ‘Beautiful Thing‘:

(type in: ‘the stone roses’ under name, not: ‘stone roses’)

with the search result showing as a monster 7 min mix!

In the meantime, here’s All 4 1 backwards: