the stone roses – 2017 gigs

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Sep 24th, 2016

as we reported in earlier this year in early july:

More Newies from The Stone Roses…

we understand the stone roses are planning more gigs for 2017, including an outdoor gig in london.

this month, we’ve heard a few rumours from various sources that Wembley may be on the list for summer next year.

Query if mid-June (father’s day weekend).

another rumour is that Hampden could also be on the list, although any UK gigs have yet to be confirmed and with the Roses, rumours are always chasing them.

Query if there’ll be a formal announcement next week?

The good news is that the Roses appear to be continuing the momentum they’ve built up from this year and like a fine wine seem to be be getting sharper each year when then play live.

we would love for: (i) john to use his strat in the studio though and re-capture that poppy sound from their early work, and (ii) for them to re-team with john leckie to see if the fifth rose could still work his magic on their sound.