A Secret Sunset Sunday? – Grande Bretagne owes us a debt #StoneRoses

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May 11th, 2017


We’ve harped on about GlatoBeardy a bit over the last year (see below – and apologies).  Why?

It’s a combination of:

it being the perfect gig;

it co-inciding around the time of other gigs;

rumours of SJM booking glasto for them in previous years when he’d hoped they’d reform, before they then did;

mani saying they owe Michael Eavis a gig there;

them all growing beards at one point like Eavis and then quickly shaving them off (GlastoBeardy right?);

it’s the one they’ve never done (if it their last lot of gigs for a while, you think glasto would be a good one to include); and

there being 1 BIG secret act still to be announced (who else does secret gigs or has a rep for doing them?  Not many right?).

Maybe Not…

Now did Emily say they aren’t playing this year or was it not headlining?..  Alot of quotes said: ‘not playing’… but did they get the quote right?  Does Glasto even appear on the Roses radar with the crowds they can command for their own gigs?

It could be Zepp or anyone else for that matter.  In any event, there’s always the 50th anniversary of Glasto in 3 years time.  Now, that would be the one to headline…

stone roses bookies favourites to headline Glastonbury 2017…

The Stone Roses – Glastonbury 2017 – Sunset Sunday.

stone roses glastonbury 2017

2017 – Glastonbury – The Year of the Roses