Paul Schroeder Mixes – Second Coming – The Stone Roses

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Jun 12th, 2016


All we can say is if you’re a Roses fan, if you get chance listen to these today.

Breaking Into Heaven – Skip the long intro.  Ian’s vocals sound a little younger.

Driving South – not sure what vocal filter is on here…

Ten Storey Love Song – has a much different intro.

Daybreak – a funkier version.  Just listen to reni’s drums at the start and ian’s gentle vocals and different lyrics in places.  Someone just got rolled on!

Begging You – again younger vocals here.

Good Times – Great vocals by Ian.

Tears – Great intro again just like TSLS.  Very psychedelic intro.  Sounds great!  One of our faves!

Love Spreads – is a more funkier version (much more like the live version we hear today).

A link to the mixes can be found here:—

A big thanks to Darren.