More Newies from The Stone Roses…

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Jul 10th, 2016

Well after the Ethiad and UK gigs; what next for the stone roses?

Some have said: ‘that’s it’, but that’s not true.

Their first single: All For One (complete with poster campaign) was an announcement that they’re back!

They’ve released two newies, one a commercial pop song and the other more groove based.  Both sounding entirely different and both sounding like the stone roses at the same time.  And All For One sounds like a Roses classic/anthem live; it’s a natural fit.

So what now?  What do we know?

That gig in japan… 

Well, remember that gig in Japan they cancelled.  They said at the time that they ‘hope to be able to return to Japan soon’.  It’s our understanding that they may intend to play that gig next year now.

Any chance of any other gigs next year?

Apparently, yes!  They may also play an outdoor gig in London!

So, if they may be playing Japan and an outdoor gig in London… that must mean the possibility of other gigs and maybe Glasto?  You’ll note from one of our earlier blogs that they are already one of the faves for Glasto 2017.

Does that mean there will be more new stuffs like this year?

Again, this is apparently a ‘yes’.  (you’ll notice we have put a lot of ‘may’s’ and ‘apparently’s’ in this article, because of course, there’s a long period of time between now and next year).

We understand that the Roses have another three songs, although they don’t have any plans to release them at present.

We therefore wonder whether the intention is that these will form part of an album.  If not, we suspect singles with a similar approach to this year.

Perhaps, they wanted more singles/songs before doing Glasto (just a thought).