Great John Robb Interview with Steve Adj ( stone roses tour manager )

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Oct 16th, 2016

A big thanks to John ‘the man’ Robb, who literally wrote the book on the stone roses for posting links to his recent interview with Steve Adj.

John interviews the legendary Steve Adj (tour manger of the stone roses; co-manager of the seahorses; and assisting with the logistics of John’s art during Squire’s artist years).

Steve is aiming to release his Roses book on 12th May 2017.  It sounds like he’s captured a mixture of emotion and comedy stories from his 30 years with the Roses.  A perfect pre-read before the Roses gigs in June.

He’s been working on this for some time and are are some great previews:

John and Steve discuss the Roses Spring ’89 tour: YouthQuake: full of kids with flares.  A great story re: the fools gold vid and giving out tickets at Spike.

The full interviews with John and Steve are here: