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Jun 17th, 2017

3 Months to do One Love at the height of their game…
“When the four Roses finally rolled into Rockfield, they had to admit to Leckie that they had only written two songs, neither of which were very good. Then the police turned up, to charge them with criminal damage, and they were forced to spend the night at Monmouth police station. On their return, they spent three months working on a solitary composition, One Love, which was in the vein of, but no match for, Fool’s Good, and put it out as a stop-gap single, which duly went Top Five in July 1990.”
Recording SC in a lorry!

“By the time work on the album re-commenced in March ’92, the band were using the Rolling Stones’ exorbitantly expensive Mobile Studio, a mobile recording studio inside a lorry, which they had parked outside a B&B they’d converted”

Are there songs we haven’t heard or are these: how do you sleep; love me and leave me; standing on your head; time changes everything?
…’and a studio in Bury was block-booked for a year. However the guitarist had written a bunch of highly personal songs about a recent romantic break-up, which Brown didn’t feel comfortable singing’