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Apr 12th, 2015

“I would like them to come back at some point,” Eavis tells NME. “Are they a possible headliner for next year? I think it is possible, yeah.”

This is a quote Michael Eavis from 2013.

So, Mani has confirmed new stuffs for 2015.  The question then becomes, if  a Roses single is released where can the Roses then carry out their true comeback gig.  What would really put them back on the map.It would have to be something special.  Glastonbury so fits this criteria.  What better way to celebrate 25 years since Spike Island.  Glastonbury is currently crying out for another guitar band to fill the final sunset sunday slot.  The next question is why is it taking so long this year to finalise that slot?  Could it be that the announcement is being delayed to coincide with some new stuffs or to build up anticipation or will there be no announcement until the last minute.  Could it really be that the single has to be finished first before the Roses commit and that they are just ensuring that this part of the process is finished first?

In the meantime, here are some beards to pass the time: