Early #StoneRoses demo to be released. The Stone Roses.

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Mar 5th, 2018

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The Waterfront

Release Date 21/04/2018

 A few words from the band.

“ It was a bit of a shock to be asked if I minded the songs being released after all this time. When I found out we don’t get anything and the money goes to The Christie cancer charity, I was over the moon. What a fantastic cause having lost both my parents and numerous friends to cancer. It was only right we said yes, go ahead “ Kaiser

“ We used to get picked up in Andy Couzens’ big American car, he had a 55 Chevy, bright red. Andy would pick us all up and drive back to Macclesfield and then take us all home around midnight. Normandy is a belting song. Mani’s bass, Squire and Couzens guitars combining to make a lost classic “ Chris Goodwin

“ I seem to remember watching Woody Allen films.. but not a lot else “ Andy Couzens

Artist: The Waterfront

Tracks: Normandy ( On A Beach )

When The Wind Blows

Format: 12” vinyl

Cat: VR11

Label: Vinyl Revival

Artwork: Trevor Johnson