beautiful thing review – the stone roses

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Jun 12th, 2016

  1. Well here it is, the track we mentioned back in March:

the stone roses and the resurrection of british rock…

And the verdict is that the fans prefer this over the first release of a11 for one.

2. Who’d have thought a song sounding more like second coming would be preferred over a more poppy commercial one (if you would have asked Roses fans that question two months ago that same question – am sure they would have all said the more commercial one pls).

So, we have ‘all for one’ which would be a perfect opener for any future album.  And now this second single which would also fit well on any album as a track 5 or 7…

Sadly though, we get a feeling that these two tracks may be it…  …albeit we hold hope that after these gigs the Roses may be motivated to do more.  The problem is they have such high standards 😉

3.  It also doesn’t seem too long with it’s 7.01 running time either; it just seems to fit.  The same with All For One, it’s

4.  The new song comes across as a mix of Ian’s early solo work (think ‘can’t see me’) meets where the Roses left off during second coming.

5.  It’s great to know that they can dip in and out of (a) pop (all41); and (b) more groove based stuff.  It sounds like Beautiful Thing has developed from a roses groove whereas All For One may have started with lyrics rather than a groove.

6.  ‘Reni’ hats off to Paul Epworth for the production on this.  Great dynamics and low volume during the chorus.  To say the Roses recorded it in a week just shows how on form they can be!  Going forwards, we would still like to hear more reni backing vocals and more of reni’s vocals mixed with Ian’s as Leckie did in she bangs the drums.

7. But check out that guitar at 4.15 in.  Is this the riff that started the song?  Can’t wait to hear this played live!  It’s so soft, it’s almost as if John is playing it with his carpet slippers on!  Wah and Reni drums (what more does a fan want).

8.  It shows the Roses can still do dance music with proper instruments.  If they would have done this song after fools gold or one love it really would have made a statement.  One of the few bands to create dance like music with band like instruments.

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10.