We asked Stone Roses fans…

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Aug 21st, 2016


We asked over a 100 stone roses fans, which John Squire guitar sound do they prefer.  Nearly 60% said John’s pink fender strat/his Gretsch Country Gent.  Only just over 40% said his les paul.   We hope John re-visits his clean strat poppy sounds when next in the studio rather than continuing his les paul approach, which sounds great live but loses that original stone roses sound in the studio.  Back to the Super’Trons and FilterTrons John.

We asked nearly 300 stone roses fans whether the stone roses still have it in them to produce more classic singles.  Only 51% said yes.

We asked over 200 stone roses fans who they would prefer to produce the next stone roses single.  Who did they want to be the fifth stone rose… 51% went for John Leckie.  Nearly 30% went for Peter Hook.  And just over 15% went for Epworth.

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